There are tons of talk about how women should keep their privates trimmed, waxed, or lasered off. And just the same amount of chatter on how men like their women’s pussies to look like, neatly trimmed abalones or hairy wild camel toes. But how do women feel about men? Do they want hair to cover their willies and is a big thick fat penis what most women want? Read the rest of this entry »


A recent survey conducted by AskMen.com asked 5,000 guys what their thoughts were on female pubic hair. The results are pretty interesting. Check them out below (click on picture to enlarge):



(photo credit: Instagram)

The power of Instagram — get seen and be seen! Miley Cyrus has just done that with another racy pic of herself. This one she reveals her pink armpit hair and a sneak peak of what is going down underneath Read the rest of this entry »


American Apparel was always known to have their models portray themselves “as-is”. No photoshopping. No airbrushing. Even their mannequins last year were the talk of the town as they donned full pubic bushes.

Things have changed now for American Apparel. With the hire of a new woman CEO Paual Schneider it seems like she wants to “clean up” the brands image. This is evident in the company’s recent product offerings. Check out the current product image on the left and the previous old one on the right used on the previous CEO. No pubes showing through the panty and no nipples either.

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America’s sweetheart and celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow discusses her own personal pubic hair grooming habits on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I rock the 70s vibe.”

You can view the full interview here:

Is the bush back? Shouldn’t she model for American Apparel then?



For those in love with The King, you can buy Elvis Presley’s pubic hair for $5,000 from a man on Craigslist. The man claims that his ex-wife Billie Jean Flurt had a fling with Elvis back in 1965. And she plucked them directly from his crotch he says.

The seller is also including a letter of authenticity signed by Colonel Tom Parker, who was Elvis’ manager back in the days. Read the rest of this entry »


pubic-hair-bacteria-microbes-evidence-sexual-assault-rape-casesSexual predators are out there. And no matter what women do to deter the uncontrollable horny men, they will come after them. DNA profiling has been used to help catch rapists. We are not referring to DNA testing on semen left by sexual predators, but by DNA profiling the bacteria found on one’s pubic hair! Read the rest of this entry »


Did you know the world’s most famous painting depicting a woman’s full bush is called “The Origin of the World”? Here’s a picture of it:
Gustave Courbet - The Origin of the World - painting of woman genitalia and pubic hair bush

It was painted in 1866 by the realist painter Gustave Courbet. Ever since its unveiling this iconic lady’s genitalia painting has caused so much controversy due to the graphic nature of the subject. It has been censored in the 19th century by people in academics to even Facebook in 2011.

I’m not sure if I would be likely to stare at this 24/7 as compared to a more trimmed and bikini-lined bush, but I do admit that the painter must have had some serious balls to display this as a work of art back in 1866!



Artist Marilyn Minter has been photographing women for the past 6 months. She is not taking head shots but beaver shots! Her goal was to publish a beautiful book showing as many variations of women’s grown-out pubic hair. Her book is called Plush.

Throughout the 70 lush color photograph book, one can view many “unusual” kinds of bush. And all of them are all natural! Minter had paid all types of models to grow out their curlies to photograph. Kinky but you will thank her after browsing through this book. Swedish girls have pure white pubes! If you don’t believe me then buy the book!

To view a sneak preview of Plush, click here –> to view the pubic hair slideshow (of course the photos are NSFW).



In some regions of the world, people are going overboard with pubic hair. They want more of it! Where? In South Korea!

Some people suffer from pubic atrichosis or hypotrichosis, a heterogeneous disease common in Mongolian women but rare in Caucasian women where an individual has insufficient amounts of pubic hair. In Korea, these women also suffer from low self-esteem and psychological problems because of it. Most of these problems arise from them going into Korean public bath houses called Jjimjilbang. Changing rooms are segregated by sex and in here clothing is not an option as people are required to be full nude to enter the hot tubs, showers, and massage areas. The aesthetic pressure mainly comes from other femmes in the changing areas and not from men in the bedrooms. As a result, more and more women are getting pubic hair transplants to fatten up their bush.

The surgical procedure is pretty standard. Takes only two to four hours usually and requires harvesting a thin strip of your scalp and grafting it into your private region. Question for us now is since Koreans have mainly straight hair, does it mean that the new pubes will be straight too? Hmmm. Interesting question and we don’t know the answer.

Is this just the beginning of the beauty trend for fuller curls? We all know that Cameron Diaz is a strong advocate of going “el natural” so maybe yes!