I’m sure many of you have dated or encountered a partner who had a bit more hair decorating her muff or anaconda than you prefer. Going down there through the Amazon jungle is a lot harder than voyaging through a well manicured lawn or super smooth tarmac. So how can one politely ask the other to request a trim?

Answer: Do your own landscaping first.

Trim your own pubes in the bathroom and make sure your hairy partner catches you. I’m sure he or she will be asking you “What are you doing????”. Then you tell her “I’m just grooming myself to love you” or any cheesy line to that extent. Your partner will then think dayummmm I have the Amazon Jungle in my shorts and will get the hint.

Model the behavior that you want other people to follow and your wish will be granted! You will be savoring hairless intimates for the rest of your life!


When you are physically running away from 5-0, where should you stash/hide your wad of marijuana? Should you just swallow it or throw it away in the bushes as you try to outrun the cops? Hell no! Hide the pot in your pubic hair!

That is what dumb criminal Harrison Preston, 32 years of age from Fort Walton Beach Florida, did when he was randomly beat up at a convenience store on May 13, 2013. An EMT who was trying to secure Preston in the ambulance found green leafy substances stuck in his pubes! Turns out that the EMT reported this to the police once they got to the hospital and Preston was found hiding 31.2 grams worth of marijuana socked inside his underwear in a bag, apparently ripped or open.

So you can accurately guess that Preston is el naturale down there and should have shaven or waxed his curlies off so that the weed would not have been discovered by the EMT!


When a hot young girl comes up to you and says “I love you!” and then throws you an electric razor filled with her pubic hair, you know you are da’ man! That is what happened exactly to man hunk Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies, except that the girl was not hot.

Mr. Jackman was exercising at Gotham Gym in NYC’s West Village last Saturday when Kathleen Thurston, 47, “attacked” him, according to the NY Post. The blonde shouted out her desperate declaration of affection for Mr. Jackman and then reached into her pant’s waistband and flung the razor along with her dark brown curlies at the him.

Cops caught up with Ms. Thurston a few blocks away and charged her with stalking. Say no to egging! And yes to pubic hair filled razors! Wohoo! What has this world become?


Gillette has released new advertising campaigns featuring the sexy Kate Upton for its Fusion ProGlide Styler — a 3-in-1 body styling razor that allows one to “Trim. Shave. Edge.”

So this razor is designed so that you can trim your pubic hair bush, then sculp it, and then carefully make straight edges or exact borders for your love triangle or shaft.

See what Kate Upton has to say about keeping it clean down there and the types of guys she would date:

If I had a chance at her, I’d not only shave my balls and privates for her but also my ass hair too!


Earlier we talked about how a 2012 study showed that the number of ER visits involving genitourinary injuries were on the rise primarily caused by grooming mishaps. Now the Los Angeles Times reports a new study has shown that pubic grooming makes people more vulnerable to contracting a nasty sexually transmitted illness called the “molluscum contagiosum” virus!

Well what is the molluscum contagiosum virus? It’s something that causes lesions around your genitalia and something you definitely don’t want to catch or experience. The study done by two French dermatologists and a health researcher at Emory University in Georgia looked at 30 adults who had genitalia lesions and found that 93% of them (6 females & 24 males) had either shaved, groomed, or waxed their privates. With this kind of correlation, anyone can confidently conclude that retouching your pubes increases your chances of catching this nasty lesion virus.

So whether or not you are in favor of trimming or touching your curlies down there, know that you may increase your chances of catching molluscum contagiosum if do you!


Botched attempts at “manscaping” or a sloppy do it yourself Brazilian wax job at home have all contributed to a rise in the number of visits to the local emergency room. Scientists at the University of San Francisco published a recent report finding that self-inflicted pubic hair grooming accidents have increased 5-fold between 2002 and 2010.

Clinical researchers at UCSF have also stated that the actual number of pubic hair removal mishaps that require medical attention are also underestimated. If you happened to cut your balls or burn your vulva while trimming/waxing, wouldn’t you feel embarassed to go to the ER and would rather just stay home and slap on Neosporin and a band-aid? I sure would!

Another interesting statistic the UCSF researchers have come up with is that around 3% of all injuries related to one’s genitalia are related to pubic hair grooming practices. Well three percent ain’t a humongous figure but be more careful with your razor or hot wax!


The infamous Kate Moss is one to dream about. Her sexy stare and drop dead body makes her one of the all-time most photo-friendly supermodels out there. And if you are wondering how her snatch looks like, well you have come to the right place!

Kate Moss did a revealing photoshoot in LOVE magazine. Photographed by Tim Walker, she shows some skin as well as some dark brown curly pubic hair for everyone to just fantasize about. Hooray for LOVE magazine!

You can view all the photos of her almost nude here (url link is NSFW).


With the ever growing popularity of being clean shaven down there stemming from the rampant showing of “Nolitas” in porn movies and magazines, does this mean that the pubic hair lice is on the verge of becoming extinct?

Pthirus pubis is the poor creature we are talking about. Looks like it has some long pubes on itself eh? It would be a logical assumption that the case of pubic hair lice irritation world-wide is becoming less of an issue. However researchers and health care professionals say that there is not enough data to make any sort of conclusion about the rise of intimate hair removal with a decline in Pthirus pubis.

Interesting correlation but no cigar! Guess we will have to wait a few more years to track this possible correlation. In the meantime, keep shaving them off or growing them wild whichever is your style.


What do iPhones and pubic hair have in common? Stickers! Mekomeko Club, a Japanese creative unit, created stickers that mimic real pubic hair to be stuck on your cell phone or really anything. These pubes stickers are called “inmou shiiru” or 陰毛シール.

Trick your friends by sticking these on their cellphone screens. They are priced at ¥420 (US$5) per set — Not a wallet breaker but definitely worth the laughs you will get from this. It’s like finding some curlies in your pasta bolognese and being grossed out.

The original Japanese article can be found here.


There are numerous ways to get into a car accident. Stupid ways are texting, applying make-up, and looking for a CD in the glove compartment while at the wheel. Well how about including in that list….Shaving your own pubic hair?

November 13, 2012 — Megan Mariah Barnes, 37, living in Florida did just that. She was behind the wheel of her 1995 Thunderbird and decided that her crotch needed to be shaved. So why not rid the pubes while driving? Turns out that she ended up slamming her car into the back of a 2006 Chevy pickup truck carrying 4 passengers. Guess she had trouble shaving her pubes clean with her razor and forgot that she was driving! Luckily the other 4 passengers in the pickup were not seriously injured!

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